Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stay Positive

I will be starting my PhD in September.

My topic will be: 'Positive Portrayals of Disability'.
What is considered to be a positive portrayal of disablity in mainstream culture? Is it that kid from Glee who stole my idea of the flashing wheels?  Is it the disabled superheroes in X-Men?
Which audience considers those portrayals to be positive, a disabled audience, an able-bodied audience or pretty much everyone?
And what kind of 'positive' portrayals are created inside Disability Culture? Do disabled performers and writers reject the idea of the super crip, do they satirize it, do they embrace it?

I created this new blog to highlight interesting debates or events around my research topic in a non-acamic writing style, but it will be sprinkled with other flashes of my daily life, too.

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